V. connect


Convert Video Views Into Customers

We fully leverage your videos to engage and convert prospective customers. Our custom designed landing pages feature your videos for enhanced customer engagement. We also integrate conversion tools with the videos on landing pages to increase customer conversion rate and make your marketing campaigns more successful.

Landing Pages Featuring Videos

Our custom landing pages focus on featuring your videos to engage visitors and deliver your messages in a much more dynamic and powerful way.


Cross Channel, Device Lead Nurturing

Manage and nurture patient conversion journey across email, mobile, social, ads, websites, and connected devices through video email campaigns and video ad campaigns. Deliver the right message, at the right time, on the right channel


Call To Action Embedded in Videos

Call to actions like forms, redirect links are strategically placed in the video view timeline to engage viewer at the right monent, thus make your offers more relavent to the video content they are watching.